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Supreme Court of Virginia Grants Cert in Respondeat Superior Case

  Hat tip to the Virginia Lawyers Weekly for covering a story about a recent case that may have a far-reaching impact on the doctrine of respondeat superior in Virginia. The Supreme Court of Virginia has granted certiorari in a case out of Portsmouth Circuit Court, Westermann v. Bermisa M.D. (Va. Lawyers Weekly subscription needed) […]


Feds Hang Up on Commercial Drivers

Karen Elliot, a Sands Anderson attorney specializing in employment law, recently published the following article addressing new rules prohibiting commercial motor vehicle drivers from using hand-held mobile devices while driving.  We thought this article would be of particular interest to our Risk Manager readers: In a continued effort to reduce accidents from distracted driving, the federal […]


ERISA Can Be Key Defense in Serverance Claims

The leader of our Life and Health team, Robert B. “Chip” Delano, Jr., writes: Regardless of how carefully plaintiff’s counsel may attempt to disguise claims for severance in state law clothing, employers should remember that claims of entitlement to severance benefits by former employees under a plan established by the employer for the purpose of […]


School Officials May Be Liable For Suicide of Student Who Was Bullied

Should we turn up the heat on school administrators to protect younger students from bullying by imposing civil liability for suicides that result from a student’s harassment at school or is this the wrong vehicle for finding ways to increase protections to students harassed by other students in ways that are outside the protections of Title IX? Do school officials have a duty to keep kids physically safe from bullies, but leave kids like Clementi unprotected from cyber bullies?


Recent Virginia Supreme Court Cases Effect Privilege Analysis and Liability for Accidents to Children

On June 10, 2010, the Supreme Court of Virginia issued two rulings that could have important impacts on Risk Management clients.