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Codified Evidence Rules Pass Virginia Legislature

Huzzah! The codified Rules of Evidence has passed the Virginia’s legislature after some late opposition from four Senators. The Sands Anderson Risk Manager blog first reported on the proposed rules back in October. In a comment to that article, attorney and then-President of Sands Anderson Pierce Rucker noted, “We certainly have [Sands Anderson’s] own Bunky Miller to thank, and many of his colleagues […]


The Western District permits evidence of future lost earning capacity of a minor

An interesting article by Sarah Warren Beverly, a Sands Anderson litigation attorney, analyzing a recent federal court decision from Judge Jones that addresses a minor’s ability to claim loss of earning capacity as a component of damages: The plaintiff bears the burden to prove his or her damages with “reasonable certainty.” Gwaltney v. Reed, 196 Va. 505, 507, 84 […]