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Bar Issues Opinion That Indemnification As Condition of Settlement Is Unethical

The Virginia State Bar’s Standing Committee in Legal Ethics recently issued a legal ethics opinion declaring it unethical for plaintiff’s lawyers to agree to indemnify a defendant and/or his insurer for any third party lien claim against settlement proceeds received by the plaintiff. The Standing Committee has opined that it is likewise unethical for the […]


Litigation Funding: Justice or High-Stakes Gambling?

Sands Anderson Risk Management Group Leader Terrence Graves wrote the following article for the DRI: Litigation Funding Equals Big Money. The article was inspired by this recent Wall Street Journal article “Funds Spring Up to Invest in High-Stakes Litigation.” (This article is available to subscribers, or those who sign up for a two week free trial. You […]


Codified Rules of Virginia Evidence on the Horizon?

This encouraging news certainly brightened my day as a practicing Virginia litigator:  Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly has posted an article indicating movement to codify Virginia Rules of Evidence.  Virginia has long considered codification of its rules of evidence, but previously, the proposed rules never made it past Virginia’s Supreme Court. As discussed in the Virginia Lawyer’s […]